Charles Harris Library Gallery

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The Charles Harris Library Gallery is pleased to present Learning Curve a joint exhibition with artist Michael F. Morris and his high school art students. The exhibition juxtaposes Morris’ drawings, paintings and sculptures with those of his Wise County, Virginia students. The resulting exhibition is a celebration of local artists, as well as an exploration into a teacher’s aesthetic influence on his students. 

Morris is originally from Charlottesville Virginia, and has been teaching art in Southwest Virginia for the past five years. Like many educators, Morris is concerned about the impact of SOL testing on education, particularly the emphasis of memorization and test-taking skills above other important ways of learning. He hopes his art classes balance and broaden students’ education, and foster creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Student artists include:
Andrew Begley, Maggie Begley, Brittany Bishop, Ashley Broyles, Daniel Franklin, Tyler Garrison, Kayla Hall, Morgan Henry, Skylar Hutchinson, Jordan Martin, Adam Meadows, Julia Pittman, Elliott Poff, Susan Samadi, and Lauren Schoolcraft.