Charles Harris Library Gallery
exhibitions That Passed The Time, Clover Archer, March 5 - 27th, 2010

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The Charles Harris Library Gallery is pleased to present That Passed the Time, by Clover Archer. Archer's exhibition is a futile attempt to determine the fundamental origin of meaning while simultaneously acknowledging the impossibility and absurdity of such an endeavor. Using Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot as a starting point, Archer sets up a repetitive drawing process leading to ever more elements to be analyzed. Using a series of unrelated books, Archer redacts all of the type excepting letters that spell out the dialogue to Beckett's 1949 play. Her arbitrary and subjective analytical systems create compelling configurations out of paragraphs, indents, blocked letters, negative spaces, and illustrations from the book pages. The ephemera created (stencils, mathematical measurements, smudged paper scraps, etc) points to the tragicomedy of existence in which meaning, purpose, or rationale is impossible to intuit with any certainty.

Clover Archer will give an artist talk in conjunction with the exhibition. 
The lecture is open to the public and will take place Friday, March 5th at 12pm in the Gilliam Center for the Arts' Band Room on the campus of the University of Virginia's College at Wise.

This exhibition is part of MINDS WIDE OPEN: Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts, the first statewide celebration of its kind. Between March and June of 2010, thousands of special programs and events will occur across the Commonwealth to honor contributions by women to arts and culture. Learn more about this unprecedented collaboration by visiting:

Minds Wide open

About the Artist:

Clover Archer received her MFA from New York University where she was 1992-2000 fellowship recipient. Archer has exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions for fifteen years and has taught photography at University of New Hampshire, New York University, and Washington and Lee University. She is currently the Director of Staniar Gallery at Washington and Lee University. In her work, she explores the complexity between perception and interpretation through various forms of media and emphasizes the arbitrariness and subjectivity of conceptual systems.